Month: July 2010

Attention to Detail

What takes the most time in most projects is testing. When I enter data does it do the right thing? How about if I try to enter wrong data? Does it warn me or trap the error? In many of my projects where I am attempting to unscramble legacy code, the programmers have elected to […]

Be the Best That You Can Be

My Aunt Lydia is now in heaven or touring the universe, the latter is more appropriate for her soul. Also she and Uncle Frank are finally together again. She could never stand to be away from her hubby for long. It has been a while since she left on her journey, but her words will […]

Busy Doing Nothing

As I continue to revise my new client’s code I get the feeling that I am busy doing nothing. I continue to simplify the Access code. However the more I do, the more I find there is left to do. But I have found the philosophy of Access 2007. It is load sub-forms and then […]

Living in the In-Between

The tree is bare. What look like leaves are actually birds. Suzie Salmon sees this in the in-between. The movie is called The Lovely Bones. The trailer is quite exciting but misleading. The true story is Suzie’s struggle. She is in the in-between because she feels there are things that must be done before she […]

Car is Broke

I did my best to see my Mom yesterday. It was going well. Perhaps I was a bit late, but I had gotten gas, put air in my caddy’s left tire and had been singing my songs and worked my way to Redwood Shores. As I was on 101 in the middle lane doing somewhere […]

Lolita in Wonderland

Just finished watching the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton version of the combined tales of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. She is almost grown up. Many of the shots were provocative and nearly erotic. But it was a hard picture to listen to. This is another example of Reboot. Take something familiar and change it. There […]

I’ve Killed Nearly 5,000 Soldiers

Late at night is a good time to kill. I’ve been playing an XBOX 360 Game by EA called Battlefield 2 Bad Company. Also it is not I, but my Avatar FireFox3Rdy2Kil doing all that damage. She (I like looking at women Avatar and do not feel that an Avatar need be an exact image […]

Being Sick Helps One Understand

We take our health for granted. Only when we have a sense that something is wrong, something is not quite right, do we understand how truly precious having ones health is. It is a remarkable fact that we can recover from many of the illnesses that we encounter in out life. But some illnesses require […]

Air the Forgotten Sea

In my last blog I talked about 3 of the four classical elements. They were fire represented by sunshine, earth represented by food and water. But greater than the ocean in which the mighty whales live is our gaseous ocean of air. Without our world’s atmosphere most living things upon it would be dead within […]

Some Sunshine, Food and Water

Every living thing needs food and water. Sunshine helps too. All these in the proper proportions makes for a healthy living thing. I have a living Christmas tree that is not doing very well. I’ve given it plenty of water and for a while it began growing little sprouts off the tips of its branches. […]