Monday Monday

The year was 1966 and the Mamas & the Papas were grooving. Every now and then I reminisce about those times and of my aspiration to be a great musician. Though I buried  that desire deep within my past, a leopard can no sooner change its spots than can someone remove what talent they have.

Along the way I found my other love and a way of living that suited my lifestyle. So I abandoned music for consulting on computer based issues. Yet my dreams still haunt me of a parallel universe where I not only succeeded in my musical endeavors, but hobnobbed with the likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Who. But to be honest there are many more where I am involved with computers, technology and solving interesting problems.

Recently I have been doing research to help my mom with her memoirs. To my astonishment, which happens a lot lately, back in 1999 we had made some video tapes attempting to do the very same thing. In fact when I finally found the segment where Aunt Lydia was showing and telling me about her old photos, it winds up my mom was sitting there with us! Being that over 10 years has past it is understandable that her presence with us was forgotten and prompts the question how much of my life do I actually remember?

All of these thoughts spring from various vectors tugging me in different directions. The global propaganda that the money disappeared and thus there are no more jobs or opportunity is quite laughable. A better observation would be the frantic bending over backwards our economist do to avoid the word that best describes the state of the US and world economy, DEPRESSION!


Other vectors include my Aunt Helen dying shortly before our trip to Vegas, my sister needing surgery, and my mom is now having trouble reading. The bills keep coming in without any income being generated for the moment. Also a friend has mentioned her son is in jail on a warrant. Still I do my best to continue to work towards a better future. However I am bothered by living with forgotten goals.

Perhaps these thoughts dwell so much on the negative because it is Monday?