This Blog is a Work of Fiction

What is truth? Is everything we say in a public forum the truth? Even if I were to try and represent the truth in my blog, how could it be verified? At best what I say and the hyperlinks I provide, all try to share some knowledge. Pictures and words connected with ideas and stories. By the way if this is the first time you have encountered an underlined word, click on it for a surprise!

I work mostly in a world some would define as virtual. That is to say not real. For me the truth needs to be substantial. More so as we are emotional creatures, the truth is also emotional. I know that because when I had been caught in a lie in my formative years, I felt my cheeks become flushed and a something wrong feeling deep in my heart. I broadcasted to my parents a confirmation that I had lied. That I had been not truthful.

The other thing I found out in my formative years (which ended I think just a week or so ago) is that lying is very complicated. There is an old wives tale that goes:

“Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

The links that I point to I do so in hope that you follow and whatever point I am trying to make is somehow made clearer. For I do not think in words. It is a struggle to jumble these silly letters into words and then pick a combination that conveys something of my original thought.

So what is fiction? It is according to Wikipedia any form of narrative which deals, in part or in whole, with events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary and invented by its author(s). That is close to how I understand it but with a caveat or two. Because I work often as a programmer I am aware that we all live in an imaginary world. That all our thoughts are invented. We can scientifically demonstrate this fact by stimulating the brain with electrical impulses. We can create a cyborg that has electronic ears and/or eyes. My point is everything we see, hear, taste and feel is converted to impulses that are relayed to the brain and then interpreted. We literally invent the so called reality we live in. There is no way to prove that this subjective evidence is coming from an actual reality as the same mechanism also produces dreams as well as hallucinations!

So you see, it is not my blog, but all blogs and narratives that are in fact a work of fiction, because there is no real truth, by our own understanding everything has been invented and thus what we have here is always, regardless of intent, only fiction.