From Simple Rules Comes Emergence

Life is full of miracles. Unexpected events that spring from a seemingly simple set of rules in a manner no one could have foreseen. But we often label those things we do not understand and in this case we call it emergence.

One example that comes to mind is involved in making virtual worlds. Basically a model of a known working eco-system, such as our earth. An Artificial Planet that allows us to better understand our own. Within which trees spread to islands because birds carry their seed there, but the birds have no explicit instructions to do so. In the words of the author, Dave Keer:

The main idea I wanted to show was a principle of complexity from simplicity, and how seemingly unrelated objects can symbiotically help each other. Take the case of birds and trees, where a bird eats the fruit of the trees. This seems like a one-sided relationship favoring the bird, but the tree benefits because the bird would distribute the seeds around to islands where the tree could not. Thus the trees can spread to islands, but only with birds, yet the birds have no coded logic or goals of helping the trees.

As our world becomes more complex we seek out the simple to perhaps balance out all that complexity with something understandable. An aesthetic something that speaks to us and says keep your life simple and a miracle will happen. More often than not, by following that rule, it does.