Passion is not a Fish

Maybe it is a fruit. There is one by that name. Does eating one make you passionate?

My thoughts are from a meeting with a website company struggling for over 10 years to become profitable. The creator of the website never uses it except to communicate with the other founder. Somewhere along the way his passion for the product has evaporated. The main founder is still very passionate about their creation. As far as I can tell he uses it daily.

It bothers me that someone can create a tool and never use it. I could understand if it was a physical object that could only be in one persons possession. Like a guitar made from a rare wood with outstanding acoustical properties, I see that one could make it and sell it (or give it away) and thus never use it. But his tool is a website that is accessible from anywhere in the known universe! Admittedly that limits it to the vicinity of the earth, for no other intelligent life that I am aware of has hooked into our network. Also all earthlings have been earth-bound or in close orbit about the earth since the last moon landing in 1972.

Passion is a powerful emotion. However this is confusing as the emotion itself could be either love or hate, anger or joy! Some consider it a suffering or pain. This is quite paradoxical. Therefore I can more easily tell you what passion is not.