Back from LV

I thought I might update my blog while in LV (Las Vegas, NV (Nevada)). However now that I am back I most certainly will. My first concern is with the loss of our freedoms. Travelling is no longer the easy, get-up-and-go that it use to be in my youth. It is more like a nightmare.

On the way to LV I was pulled from the normal cattle queue to be specially inspected for explosives. I found this out as I asked what they were doing as they brushed my hands with some chemical. Nor did they bother asking my permission, which I am sure if I refused this invasion of my privacy would have resulted in an inability to use the airlines to get to LV. I travelled on SW (South West) by the way, but believe this tale is relevant regardless of which airline you choose .

On the way back the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) decided to also do a special inspection at our gate as we began boarding the aircraft, causing further embarrassment to several passengers and of course delaying the departure time of our flight. They did not pick me this time but if they had no doubt I too would have reluctantly put up my arms and allowed their hands to touch and probe me as they wished.

In explaining this to my good friend who graciously agreed to pick us up at the airport (I think she had to circle it about 3 times before finally connecting with us), she was appalled when I suggested that I could have fired a gun and had explosive residue present. She believed I would have been instantly arrested. My speaking in public about terrorist and their tactics would not be permissible either for that too is now cause for detaining (putting someone in jail) said speaker. Goodbye First Amendment!

We are not yet NAZI Germany, but the losses of freedom we have already experienced are enough to cause all of our dear departed veterans to shake their heads and wonder why they cared and died for our freedoms, when we have so casually tossed them aside. There might not be an easy answer to protecting ourselves, but the current answer of suspecting everyone to be a terrorist seems very wrong. What happened to the concept of innocent until proven guilty? The words “Papers Please!” and screening us are most definitely NOT in line with our being innocent (nor respectful of our privacy!).

Shame on you America!

PS. My friend informed me that now all us cattle will be X-Rayed! I shake my head incredulously and mumble “From bad to worse…”