Month: June 2010

Monday Monday

The year was 1966 and the Mamas & the Papas were grooving. Every now and then I reminisce about those times and of my aspiration to be a great musician. Though I buried  that desire deep within my past, a leopard can no sooner change its spots than can someone remove what talent they have. […]

This Blog is a Work of Fiction

What is truth? Is everything we say in a public forum the truth? Even if I were to try and represent the truth in my blog, how could it be verified? At best what I say and the hyperlinks I provide, all try to share some knowledge. Pictures and words connected with ideas and stories. […]

From Simple Rules Comes Emergence

Life is full of miracles. Unexpected events that spring from a seemingly simple set of rules in a manner no one could have foreseen. But we often label those things we do not understand and in this case we call it emergence. One example that comes to mind is involved in making virtual worlds. Basically […]

Passion is not a Fish

Maybe it is a fruit. There is one by that name. Does eating one make you passionate? My thoughts are from a meeting with a website company struggling for over 10 years to become profitable. The creator of the website never uses it except to communicate with the other founder. Somewhere along the way his […]

Each Day is What YOU Make of It

Regardless of where you are in your life, this moment is unique. It passes as most other moments do, however it is the moment in which you change the course of your life. This is not to say you will remain on that course, for often life is like trying to swim upstream, the moment […]

Back from LV

I thought I might update my blog while in LV (Las Vegas, NV (Nevada)). However now that I am back I most certainly will. My first concern is with the loss of our freedoms. Travelling is no longer the easy, get-up-and-go that it use to be in my youth. It is more like a nightmare. […]

Upside Down Secrets

I recently signed another NDA. Yet at the heart of this company are patents. You know those PUBLIC documents describing the process that the company wishes to protect. Additionally it is a company that has been running a website for many, many years. Nearly all of the features are now available at a ton of […]