Month: May 2010

Spaghetti dB

So what is worse than Legacy code? A relational dB that looks like spaghetti. There seems to be little thought going into creating the tables. Also many tables have dubious connections to any other. Just like anything else in life, it seems nicer when some planning and forethought has gone into the design. Because I […]

Mama’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. A lot of needless flowers and candy will have been bought and no doubt the restaurants are filled with guilty children and proud mothers getting lousy service as the staff tries to survive under the deluge. But not for me. I will and do celebrate being with my mama, every Saturday. […]

Swinging on a Star

Sometimes I sing in my car as I drive to see my mama on Saturdays. It has become a ritual that she and I enjoy. There is hardly anything new to talk about. I took her to Yeah, a great restaurant in Redwood Shores. They serve fresh chinese food. We got our chicken dumplings for […]

When Help is Unappreciated

Lately I am bothered by two faced liars. Those people who act like they wish to help you, but then when it comes down to doing the thing they promised, they just do not come thru. It is my wish to never become one. That is why before giving advise I carefully think about all […]

Moving Knocks the Dust Off

It is necessary to move. It is part of life. Staying in one place too long causes all sorts of problems. But once you start moving again you realize the amount of “belongings” that have latched on to you. So I have moved the TE website on to the 1&1 MS Dev package. It displays […]