When Someone is Helping, Don’t Nag!

I work hard everyday. It is a different kind of work than what my wife does, and I believe that after nearly 30 years of marriage she still does not understand it. Nor do I understand a person’s need to complain.

This morning she came in and asked, “can you get up and help me?” and I said “sure, of course”. Then as I was getting dressed I noticed a pile of completed laundry was missing and I assumed put away. Next thing I know she asks me if that pile was dirty. I told her it was not. The dirty things always go in the hamper.

So she gets upset and begins yelling because she thought I was trying to help her and blames me becauseĀ “she” is re-washing already clean clothes. This gets me upset because believe it or not, to hear someone else yell and nag the first thing in the morning, is NOT what I want to wake up to.

It is a big blue house we live in and couples have these spats now and then. However it sure would be a better life without the nagging and complaining. It seems to me I have changed for the better over time. Maybe I should work more on my tolerance. Hoefully she too will work on understanding I am the way I am and respond better to polite asking than attempting to exercise one’s control freak. Rubs me the wrong way and puts a damper on the rest of the day.

I love my wife. Please God find her the time she needs to complete her tasks. Give her more understanding and compassion. Give me the ability to help us see the error in our ways. Please grant us harmony.