Each Step Brings You Closer

Sometimes you hit a brick wall. Or rather you face a detour on your path. Maybe it is just taking longer than expected and you are eager to be at the next point.

With the TE project I have several things going at once. There is still the need to learn more about MVC. There is still more to understand about how TE code talks to dB. The dB itself needs rearranging, if for no other reason to eliminate the unnecessary.

For example the designer, implementor and thus creator has injected calls to ZULU time and ZONE time throughout the code and the tables of the dB. It is something that makes little sense to me. I am hoping he clarifies his rational behind the design. Perhaps it is something I can learn from.

But the detour in this case is talking with the dB. In Classic ASP one uses Recordsets. In ASP.NET it is something that nearly sounds the same, Datasets, but implements differently. The ASP.NET way of doing this is in fact better. It does not lock up (literally) the dB as Classic has done. But that requires building some test modules and exchanging some code in order to test it out.

With a vacation to vegas looming I am unsure how much more effort I can apply to this project. Things may just have to wait until we return. But I can do something on it today and that is another step in getting to my goal of delivering an evaluation and then an estimation followed by the actual migration of TE Classic ASP to VB.NET and functionality under ASP.NET 4.0.