I’m Still Waiting

It is difficult to live off of dwindling resources. Regardless of how big a finite pool is, eventually it will be drained without additional funds being added. For every sustainable outflow there must be an inflow.

Last week I had lunch with a couple of buddies. They told me of a small project that may have enumeration come my way. Not just promise of such, but an actual check for work accomplished. But it has already been a week and when I called they said it was still in the works.

I remember a time when there seemed to be endless jobs. I could pick and choose the type of code I’d like to deliver. Now I cannot seem to find anyone willing to pay for my services. It is easy to say “The Economy” and have everyone nod and look away in that embarassing manner, as if we all understand how hard it is now. Nor am I alone with having worked a lifetime and looking forward seeing no reward.

Yet if opportunity wants to knock, this is to let you know, yes I am ready! And I’m still waiting for it to do so…