No Win 7 Driver for magicolor 2300 DL

It was a nice printer. A bit difficult to setup and one day it ran low on Black toner. So I bought the toner but am frustrated by the procedure to replace it. Now I may just as well replace the entire printer. Because my 64bit Beast demand a 64 bit Win 7 driver that KyroceaMinolta (formerly Minolta QMS) does not plan to have anytime soon and maybe in September 2010. I wasted about 1.5 hours trying to work around this, but finally gave up and went to my wife’s old XP and did the printing on a B&W HP Laser IV.

Wow it is 2010 and companies still do not know how to write a universal printer driver!

I am perplexed. Perhaps I do not appreciate the complexity of the web and realities of breaking what already works for something “Better” ??? Huh? Really I do not understand that (and I use the term very loosely) logic.

My good friend tells me of a color printer that is very affordable. Maybe more so than attempting to replace the 3 other toner carts in my non-functional due to progress color laser printer. I could always take a step backwards and return to XP (on another computer) which still supports my printer. So sad.