Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

There in OZ is much happiness. Though very far away, yet that place is obtainable as Dorothy proved. But taking trips with tornado can be hazardous to your health, just ask the Wicked Old Witch of the East! Oops you can’t! Because a house landed on her and she’s DEAD!

So I have been asked to estimate the time (I presume man hours) it will take to transition a website written in Classic ASP and thus very much Legacy code or Spaghetti code to a modern version running under the principles of ASP.NET and the philosophy of MVC.

Mind you my evalution is not quite done and now I am expected to present some sort of reasonable estimate. Well I sit at my desk, falling asleep due to there being too few hours in a day, and using over 6 of them to get through a Splinter Cell level, thus leaving only 2 in which to catch some Z’s. I am making some visio drawings of the TE website flow chart and blueprint of the seeds of what it must contain, both far after the fact. Now that I have recorded what I think it is, the next step is to envision the final product.

Then the hard step, connect the dots!

I wonder if someone did something similar for “The Wiz”?

It too was an effort to bring a Legacy (1939) effort up to modern (1978) standards.

The song by the way, brings tears to my eyes. A combination of the melody and verse, so heart felt, a longing for a perfect world. Even Israel was inspired by it and thus provided Mr. Kamakawiwo’ole something beautiful to share with us. His interpretation quite a different one from the young Judy Garland’s.

Which reminded me of somehow talking about Rita Hayworth with my niece and nephew, so I sent them pointers by email and forgot to include the most famous:

The one that made her famous! Her pin up picture.

I struggle to summarize this crazy blog entry. I guess “There’s no place like home!” will have to be it.