Projects and Planning

Some people need a set of instructions. It helps to make a list. We often use shorthand. I know of no one who plans out in detail what one will do in a day. My shopping list is quite simple. It often contains single words like “bread”. Sometimes I use an abbreviation like “OJ”. There is a trade off in planning, creating a written plan, and using a list as a reminder.

I am currently involved with TE and its Legacy website SW. The tools we are using for communication is a form of internal email of their product called notes. Unlike actual notes I am forced to keep them in a tab called Tasks. Since I started with them back on March 4, 2010 the number of notes per page has grown to page limit of 10 and beyond.

I attempted to use their project SW but it is not structured like I think. I then went over to MS Project 2010 Beta and found it too is different than how I think.

The phase of development I believe I am in is something I call evaluation. It is something like review but includes planning. There is a goal to migrate TE Legacy code written in Classic ASP to eventually be in ASP.NET environment and with the MVC philosophy of dividing the work so that changes to the view do not require changes to the code.

But it is a long road with many bumps and possible detours along the way. One detour has been a misunderstanding of what the TE SW is. It is not a standalone Classic ASP website. It is dependent on other SW. There is a requirement to overcome a limitation in Classic ASP with regards to uploading files to the website. Unfortunately the website host I picked, 1&1, has managed hosting to provide a low cost solution. Also they have upload SW from SoftArtisans called FileUp. This mislead me into working on supporting two packages. One that uses ABCUpload and the other FileUp.

Only after having spent over a week working on it, did I realize this was NOT the answer. The answer was to get something with root access so that I could install the DLLs and use only one version of upload. Thus I had to throw away all the work of that week as well as all the work of building a solution on a shared server.

But planning alone would not have saved me. It is a detour and an experience I will not forget, but it also provided me with better insight as to what was needed to duplicate the current website (so that I could trust the image I am working with and make changes that will affect no one else but me).

But I am running out of time, in many ways. We are about to go on vacation and I have not bought the tickets yet. Also we need to plan our trip to be sure to see whatever it is there is interesting to see in the area. Otherwise I will hear, “Why didn’t we go there?” sometime after we have done our trip. Sometimes, even though we think there is a next time, there really is not.