Mama’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. A lot of needless flowers and candy will have been bought and no doubt the restaurants are filled with guilty children and proud mothers getting lousy service as the staff tries to survive under the deluge. But not for me. I will and do celebrate being with my mama, every Saturday. I have made a tradition of spending time with her. We share lunch and take care of any errands she may have. Then we talk. Sometimes we sing. I give her a little something to help her make it to the next week.  Then with a “until next time…” I leave, hoping to see her again next Saturday

We have mourned the loss of her only brother and then sister. She is the youngest and healthiest of the bunch, she may even outlive me. Still whenever someone close passes one is always reminded of their own mortality. Everyone faces that transition. When the physical body is gone, what will become of our spirit?

So we celebrate, at least once if not every Saturday.

Our L*O*V*E for Mama!