Swinging on a Star

Sometimes I sing in my car as I drive to see my mama on Saturdays. It has become a ritual that she and I enjoy. There is hardly anything new to talk about.

I took her to Yeah, a great restaurant in Redwood Shores. They serve fresh chinese food. We got our chicken dumplings for starters. We also had the combination fried rice, chicken chow mein and sweet and sour chicken. We’re not jewish, my mom just cannot stomach pork.

I asked the waitress what she was doing for Mother’s Day. It winds up she will be working. But then she told us her mother is still in China, up north near Beijing. I told her my mama was born in Mongolia and had met my papa in Shanghai. My mom asked what is her name (in chinese mind you) and she replied it was Sofia.

When all the food was done and my mom and I were having tea and fortune cookie, Sofia came and said goodbye because she was now on break. What a sweet child. She could have been Betty and my daughter. Perhaps if we were not so busy trying to find time to do everything in our hearts desire.

So I sing. Oh what a Beautiful Morning! Zip a Dee Do Dah. You are My Sunshine. Ke Sera Sera. …and would you like to swing from a star?