When Help is Unappreciated

Lately I am bothered by two faced liars. Those people who act like they wish to help you, but then when it comes down to doing the thing they promised, they just do not come thru. It is my wish to never become one. That is why before giving advise I carefully think about all the issues.

Do not ask me how you can help me and then ignore what I say and waste my time wondering when you are going to deliver on promises that eventually it becomes plainly obvious that you are not. I have bills to pay too. There are issues of trust at the core of working for future reward as the risk is high it will never materialize.

So my efforts are thwarted and even perhaps wasted. The evaluation is pointless as there is no organization to actually recieve benefit from my years of experience and observation. No one to unplug the bottleneck.

How sad, so sad.