Moving Knocks the Dust Off

It is necessary to move. It is part of life. Staying in one place too long causes all sorts of problems. But once you start moving again you realize the amount of “belongings” that have latched on to you.

So I have moved the TE website on to the 1&1 MS Dev package. It displays the first page. It allows you to login. Most of its tabs are working. But the users complain, because it is not perfect. Chat is not working. OK. I’ll look into that. I did state it needs testing. Notes do not display. Pretty serious, but I am sure I can fix that too. But it will be just more work on Legacy SW. The real work should be applied to moving to VB.NET using .NET Foundation 4.0 and imploying the MVC model. Then design will be seperate from coding and the ability to adapt to the mobile environment will be so much easier.

I had to kill email. There were also a couple of old tables that were taking up space. I got rid of them too. The TE website, at least the BETA and I would call demo version will be there, even while TE searches for a production website solution.