bigInt is needed

Now I am examining TE dB and noticing that they use varchar(20) for their primary keys. Yes it works. But what a waste of space!

Tells us that as of 07/01/10   there are 6,830,586,985 people. Now that number is too big for an int of 4 bytes which can only count up to 2,147,483,647. But a bigInt has 8 bytes and can count up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. What a number! We could probably assign a unique number to every living animal on earth. According to:

There are 1,589,361 total species. Now if each of those species are as numerous as people, or to put it another way, each one of us had 1 of every species, that total would be


and still easily fit inside a bigInt. In fact we could each and everyone of us have at least 850 of each specie before we would exceed the counting power of a bigInt.

But many specie are endangered. I found an unconfirmed quote that there are only 7,400 wild tigers left. If I had 850 of those, I wouldn’t know where to keep them. I doubt my house is big enough to even contain them. There are certainly not enough to pass 1 to everyone. In fact at least 923,052 people would have to share each tiger.