Each step brings one closer

In the end, even when it seems everything is going backwards, every step you take brings you closer to your goal. For the moment my goal is bringing up TE website on my computer. It seems to do that now, even as I make minor changes to prepare it to operate better under dot Net.

But a lot of things in life is just that. The accumulation of the activity you have taken to be where you are at this very moment. But mostly physical activity. The kind that makes your muscles move. Not just the mental activity, though that is important in deciding which direction to take and just how far you can go in that direction.

A realistic expectation of travelling in a certain direction is 3 mph. It takes me about 20 minutes to casually walk a mile. That simple concept of walking is enough to keep us in health.

For a long time the 4 minute mile has been the limit of getting somewhere fast, for an unaided human. No devices like a car, airplane, bicycle or skates. But what we humans do well is travel a long time at a rapid pace. We are built for endurance rather than speed.

So we should take that into consideration whenever the way seems hard to follow. Those of us who are old enough know from experience that the motion, all summed up, even with the detours and backtracking we must sometimes do, is what gets us to our goal. So be persistant. Take at least one more step towards your hearts desire. Eventually you will get there.