32bit vs. 64bit

A lot of my struggle lately is because of my choice to use a 64bit beast. I tried using it when Vista just came out, but was too frustrated with the incompatibilities. I am sad to say there are still a lot of issues.

I have Win 7 (64bit) running and IIS 7.5 installed. So far trying to debug the TE website SW is hit and miss. Sometimes the db code runs and other times I get an error:

The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application

Then I apply a fix and it seems to go away. Unfortunately, as my friend David Hash says “It’s like a bad horror movie. It’s dead. No it’s alive. Good it’s dead. Wait it’s alive! IT’S DEAD!…”

Hopefully setting some more parameters has finally cured my system of db access errors.