Disappearing Reappearing Notes

I sent two replies to my client at TE. While I was composing the second apparently I got a reply to the first note I sent. I did not notice, continued writing and then sent the second note to them. On checking what I had sent I discovered their reply to my first reply, but my second reply had disappeared. It was not attached to any of the other notes. I am guessing it might have something to do with transaction commitment on the db.

It is annoying to have ones thoughts obliterated. My wife sometimes comes to me explaining she has spent a L O N G time writing in HotMail and “something Happened!” now she wants me to recover her words for her. I know that feeling all too well!

It is disheartening to tell her it is beyond my abilities. Because she does not understand what is involved, instead of being her hero, I’m a zero. I really wish I could just make it reappear.

I believe I know how to fix it though. Web Apps really need to have some persistance just in case the user hits the wrong key. Oops I mean a gremlin has thrown an object or something has fallen onto the keyboard hitting that one key that deletes ALL YOUR WORK! There is no going back. Clicking on back just shows a BLANK page.

But with a transactional db and persistent storage, until an email or other doc is confirmed stored, a temp and persistent copy should always be available. ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP, just in case a gremlin succeeds in making my wife’s work disappear.