Birthday & Taxes

I was destined to be born on the 13th. But my papa told my mama, “No! He must wait until the 14th!” and as a good little baby boy, kept waiting to be born until I did as he wished! Knowing nothing of superstition, somehow I managed to understand his wishes and thus was I born in the wee hour of the morn in April some sixty years ago.

Then they brought me to this great country where eventually I became a citizen. I grewup beyond the irresonsible ages. Into adulthood where life was no longer carefree and discovered the hell hole that is the IRS and taxes. Too many a birthday has been spoilt going over the facts and figures to insure I (and later we) did not overpay our taxes. I calculated to the penny what was due and paid nothing more.

I’ve reconsidered that behavior so this time instead of working on the taxes, I played on my birthday. Though I spent most of the day all alone, I did enjoy some video game chat with a friend and his buddy who were deep into the new Splinter Cell:Conviction while I was playing Battlefield:Bad Company 2.

I stopped by a local Best Buy after a good lunch at King Crab to maybe buy a copy of SC:C for myself. Unfortunately they were completely out of both standard and CE editions and made my decision for me. The CE is an excuse to pay $10 more for some trinkets, including virtual ones!

When I had tons of money to spend and it looked like the well would not run dry, no problem, I would always go for the extras edition. My wife and I still enjoy watching the behind-the-scenes that usually come with those on DVD. But that is rare now as clients with money and jobs are difficult to find.

Today, a friend of mine is sick and I will spend a little time visiting. I also need to find time to stop by my accountant and get what papers I need filled out. I know a lot of this is now electronic. I also know I am being a dinosaur by insisting on holding on to our traditional ways as long as possible. But someone has to remember it has not been that long since the world changed. The world of my youth, the first two thirds of my life.

There is a chance I will live another 20 years (or more). Those thoughts bring to mind the many relative and friends who did not. The numerous funerals and birthdays that have intercected with my life. There is an intense desire within myself to realize the success I crave. It is what continues to drive me through all challenges presented. Whether it be in the field of programming or just life in general. The issues involved with making every step I take be taken in the right direction. The realization that by doing so, each day brings me closer to attaining my goals. Amen!

So all work is put off for another day, two or at least until next week and I wonder if it would have been different if I did not put off being born until the day before taxes. One can only conjecture.