FTP Server limits file size to 2 GB

You would think that by now, in the year 2010, with all that knowledge behind us, that all applications will warn that they are unable to deal with a file size that exceeds its limits. It took two runs of cuteFTP to prove that my 4GB file was only transferring 2GB and then stopping at 49% complete.

GlobalScape assured me that it was the server side, though not all servers have this limitation, just those like the one that the TE db is on!

I decided to zip the files. The transaction log was only 3.5 GB and it zipped and unzipped on the target system just fine. But then zip could not handle the 4GB file!

Long story short, after several different products I found (again) 7zip and it did the job (for free). I still do not know if it all worked as I now need to get my SQL server to see the db’s.