I Do Not Work for $0

But I do learn. I put effort into bringing up new SW on my 64bit beast with 2 brains. Though I’ve run MS SQL before, now I am integrating it into websites with ASP.NET and VB.NET. Someday I may even be paid to do so. Keeping up with what is out there is part of being in my trade.

I have worked for stock, which often wound up being $0 in the end. Working for a dream that might not come true is a risk. However it does come true for some companies. So many people wind up working for $0, but that was not their goal.

After some time the dream is gone. Some people realize its not panning out. There was prospects of wealth when they started, but now they have to move on. Like a miner trying to find the mother lode they flock to the latest rumors of a field of gold.

It would be my wish that some philantropist take pity on me and shower my world with wealth. For having a lot of money is nearly as bad as being broke. Most folks just can’t handle it. The lotteries have proved that. It is difficult to build and maintain a money machine. So the majority of us squander what we have, when we have it, thinking the well will never go dry.

The funny thing is even if that happened. Say I got an email from Mrs Moneybags offering to transfer into my account the sum of $35,450,000.00 . It would be lost amongst all the scams. Not even noticed as dutiful robots sort that type of email directly to the bulk trash. Even if I were to peek with curiosity into the bulk trash, how would I distinguish it as a real offer? I know I would not.

But I wander from my point. We all work for some reason. Even when no money is gained from the effort. No one pays me to shower or bath. To dress and tidey up my things. To get rid of the trash I need to pay someone to haul it away after I have worked to bring it to the curb! Many, not enough of us, do a daily work out and exercise because we wish to maintain our health and appearance. So in that sense, we all actually do work for $0. But when it comes to our jobs,

We do NOT work for $0!