Big Miss

Sometimes what seems like a small risk, winds up being too big a risk for someone else. My suggestion to take advantage of a deal evaporated as the discussion of what to do lingered on. However I still have what I took and I’m glad for that.

TE is trying to instill a new direction. I believe I am part of that new drive. However they still have ties to those who are now too busy to take part except with the occasional hour or two. I understand. I too need to make a living.

There is still hope. Perhaps a push for investors will secure the funding to put together the team that will bring the lifeblood into TE. Enough money to flesh out the website and attract clients.

Then again the management needs to take responsibility. I am thinking of Chef Gordon Ramsay and his efforts to save the businesses of independent restaurantuers. Mostly it is a communications problem. His solutions are straightforward. Each person has a task. No multi-tasking allowed. Hire enough people to do the job. Fire any excess. Always serve fresh food ideally from local area. A lot of these concepts should be used by startups in other fields. Substitute fresh ideas for food and you’ve got it!