SVN and DreamHost and Google

Imagine that you start off the day arguing about money. There isn’t any! How does arguing change that?

Then you are off to do some work, which might eventually lead to money. It winds up that TE needs SVN, well so does Chopoff Consulting! Even better a search on the internet reveals instructions on how to host your SVN files: 

So I investigate and discover that one of the hosting sugestion suggested to me by TE is in fact the DreamHost mentioned in the above solution. When I go to:

I find out they have a special. A full year of hosting for just $10. What a deal! However if I stay beyond a year it will revert to $10/mo. It came with a free domain, so I grabbed Part of the setup suggested that I use Google as my company website. So I went to:

and signed up for Google Apps, including email!

All this just so my own company can use SVN. You never know where you will windup when you start a new adventure. Of course I advised my client TE to follow the same path for their SVN solution.