Month: April 2010

bigInt is needed

Now I am examining TE dB and noticing that they use varchar(20) for their primary keys. Yes it works. But what a waste of space! Tells us that as of 07/01/10   there are 6,830,586,985 people. Now that number is too big for an int of 4 bytes which can only count up to 2,147,483,647. But a […]

Early Bird

With playing until 3 AM and waking up at 6 AM I find myself taking several naps during the day. My “quality” time with my wife as we play mr. and mrs. couch patato is often interrupted by my snoring and her complaining about it. But what am I to do? There is just so […]

Each step brings one closer

In the end, even when it seems everything is going backwards, every step you take brings you closer to your goal. For the moment my goal is bringing up TE website on my computer. It seems to do that now, even as I make minor changes to prepare it to operate better under dot Net. […]

32bit vs. 64bit

A lot of my struggle lately is because of my choice to use a 64bit beast. I tried using it when Vista just came out, but was too frustrated with the incompatibilities. I am sad to say there are still a lot of issues. I have Win 7 (64bit) running and IIS 7.5 installed. So […]

Disappearing Reappearing Notes

I sent two replies to my client at TE. While I was composing the second apparently I got a reply to the first note I sent. I did not notice, continued writing and then sent the second note to them. On checking what I had sent I discovered their reply to my first reply, but my second reply […]

Birthday & Taxes

I was destined to be born on the 13th. But my papa told my mama, “No! He must wait until the 14th!” and as a good little baby boy, kept waiting to be born until I did as he wished! Knowing nothing of superstition, somehow I managed to understand his wishes and thus was I born in the wee hour […]

FTP Server limits file size to 2 GB

You would think that by now, in the year 2010, with all that knowledge behind us, that all applications will warn that they are unable to deal with a file size that exceeds its limits. It took two runs of cuteFTP to prove that my 4GB file was only transferring 2GB and then stopping at […]

Is Spaghetti Code Secure?

Why does Legacy code have spaghetti in it? In the continuing evaluation of TE SW I have come across a function that I will call getValue(). It is a single source for over a hundred variables. I believe its purpose is to return a value based on the name passed to it. There are no […]

I Do Not Work for $0

But I do learn. I put effort into bringing up new SW on my 64bit beast with 2 brains. Though I’ve run MS SQL before, now I am integrating it into websites with ASP.NET and VB.NET. Someday I may even be paid to do so. Keeping up with what is out there is part of […]

Elevator Pitch

I did not know there was such a thing. I found a site on internet that explains it pretty well. It is a pitch that could take place in an elevator ride about whatever you are trying to sell worded so that anyone could understand. The website gives you six questions that should be […]