We are immortal…

Days go by fast lately. I spend too much time thinking about the ideal evaluation. Then I am diverted by numerous topics. What a startup needs. Or more specifically what an internet startup needs.

My eval of TE is blocked by wanting to say the truth without being cruel. They have a programmer that has created a website using little more than feedback and notes. However in their haste to develope same, they have neglected to document the manner in which it came up.

Perhaps it is because we forget how mortal we actually are. After all there is always tomorrow. We live a cycle of daily routines, seemingly forever. Until friends and family begin disappearing to that mysterious end called death.

It is because things are so fragile that we need to find ways to insure the things we build can somehow last. So we create, over and over again the same issues, when we neglect to recognize the reality. But then what can one person do?