Month: March 2010

Domain transfer between packages should be drag and drop

The transfer process was started by 1&1 and is automated, but for their benifit and not their customers, so it needs to be completed interactively (by the customer). I logged on to account and administered between the two packages until the one saying “waiting for acknowledge” was satisfied that it was OK to be moved. […]

Oops Wrong Package!

So I am working with TE and they listen to my advice and go to 1&1 and acquire the developer package. But it is the Linux package, not the Microsoft one. The difference? The Linux one uses MySQL whereas the Microsoft package uses MS SQL. Guess which SQL package the db is in? You’re right, […]

Chasing the future is futile

You might as well try to predict where the Stock Market will be tomorrow. That only requires guessing if it will be UP, DOWN or the SAME. It becomes much more uncertain when predicting which technologies will become the most popular. Right now there exists between Google and Microsoft a rift that is wider than […]

Web Dev on Win7 is Bizarre

It is one thing to have an error that is static. Another to have it mysteriously disappear. I did not change anything in IIS 7.5 while I attempted to narrow down the cause of an error. When calling the website by \\localhost\te_beta it would error. However calling the redirected \\localhost\te_beta\index.htm works just fine. Calling the […]

Classic ASP not installed by IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5

As I stumble through setting up the 64bit Win7 Beast I come across an unexpected bump or two. In MS haste to change the world, it tries to trick developers that certain features no longer exist. But with some searching they can in fact be enabled. I have moved the website and am enabling it […]

We are immortal…

Days go by fast lately. I spend too much time thinking about the ideal evaluation. Then I am diverted by numerous topics. What a startup needs. Or more specifically what an internet startup needs. My eval of TE is blocked by wanting to say the truth without being cruel. They have a programmer that has […]

Last Full Week of March

The files from my old system have been placed on the Win7 x64 beast. Mostly I believe but I need some way to verify this. Yet it is time to finish what has been started. Unfortunately this beast is not the tool (yet). I am working on evaluating the SW of company TE. It is […]

Win7 does NOT restore XP backup files

So I find the 1st worst case scenario. There is no way using Win7 to restore files made with MS backup/restore utility in XP. This forces me to maintain a machine in XP just to access those backup files. I do have the XP with Kamikaze Girls theme, but it leaves a bad taste having […]

Virgin Win 7 Pro

It’s Monday and I have my beast running on Win 7. I have also installed the Beta’s for 2010 of Office as well as Visual Studio. No doubt there is more to do. I will need to change the router as it has been here several months along with its backup.